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No contracts!

Prepaid Cellular Service

With a variety of options, Freedom Wireless has a No Contract Cellular Plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. More options and more choices means more Freedom for you!


Accidents happen and when they do, our Gadget Pros staff is ready to help. Whether it be screen repair, button repair or other issues, we have the replacement parts and the expertise to get your phone or tablet operational again.

Internet & T.V

Staying connected is important, if you are in need of high speed internet or searching for the best in sports and entertainment, Freedom Wireless has a package that suits your families needs.

Unlimited Data

You asked and we delivered, beginning May 15th, 2017, all of our Data plans include Unlimited Data, with a throttle point that begins after the alloted amount of data is used, you are guaranteed to never be without data again.

Watch Netflix & More
With Night Shift

Are you an Exede Satellite or Hughes Net Satellite customer? With Night Shift, you can now watch unlimited Netflix, Hulu and more without using your data allotment, click below to see how!

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